St. John’s Vancouver Church Choir 24 Sep 2016

Westminster Abbey

Mission, BC, Canada





BC Hydro Replaces a Pole

Right next door to our waterfront Langdale vacation rental, BC Hydro brought in a helicopter to install a replacement pole, about 30 feet from our balcony. We caught the fun parts on this video!

Use the Keyboard to “Unminimize” a Mac App

From here, a neat trick to “unminimize” a Mac application’s window using only the keyboard:


A very quick keyboard method to un-minimize a specific window or un-minimize all of an app’s minimized windows is this:

Command ⌘+Tab ⇥ to the app with minimized windows, but don’t release the Command ⌘ key.

While still holding Command ⌘ down, tap Down ↓ twice, first tap enters App Exposé, second tap takes you to the minimized windows,

To un-minimize all windows, press Option ⌥+Return ↩

To un-minimize a specific window navigate to the window you want with the arrow keys, then press Return ↩

Creating Encrypted ZIP Files in OS X


I found this great tip for creating an Automator service in OS X to make it easier to create encrypted ZIP archive files.

Joe Tucker Films

The Seer:

The Seer (2014) from Joe Tucker on Vimeo.


BUDS (2013) from Joe Tucker on Vimeo.

Bonsai Love:

Bonsai Love – Diane Tucker from Joe Tucker on Vimeo.

Copy File URL to Clipboard





Here’s an Automator service that copies a file’s “file://” URL to the clipboard:

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 12.08.52 PM

Jump to Link in Safari

In Safari, Option + Tab jumps to the next link on a page.  Shift + Option + Tab jumps the the previous link.

Instantly Force Quit an Application

You can press and hold Option + Shift + Command + Esc to instantly Force Quit an application.